About REIS

REIS offers a Win-Win Asset Protection Program! In today’s economy, it’s more and more difficult to protect and preserve your assets. REIS can help! Real Estate Income Solutions, or REIS, offers a secure place for customers to put their money, for however long they want to keep it there. It’s essentially a stable way to put your money in real estate. This can create a reliable income stream for any customer, with a guaranteed return of 3.5 percent paid monthly.

There are a number of reasons why a customer would want to take advantage of the asset protection services offered by REIS. For instance, an individual who places money in the stock market is subject to risk. However, if the customer were to put the same amount of money into the REIS program, he or she would face no risk, and instead would receive a monthly guaranteed income, with the added advantage of receiving back the full amount of money placed into the program at its inception. This creates a WIN-WIN situation. Income producing properties are exempt assets and are therefore protected assets according to the Florida Medicaid Asset Rules.

Similarly, elderly individuals often have to divest certain financial assets to qualify for Medicaid, or their families may have to use an individuals funds to pay for care. But with REIS, those funds are safely protected for the life of the agreement, enabling the individual to take advantage of Medicaid services. At the end of the program, those funds are returned in full, minus some administrative fees.

To protect an individual’s assets, REIS uses a unique investment property program. Once an individual places a certain amount of money in the REIS program, REIS will seek out and purchase real estate property with cash. There is no financing involved.

After REIS purchases a property for a customer, they take over the stress of property management, and all liability. REIS takes care of all repairs, and pays the customer 3.5 percent every month, regardless of if the property is rented or not. REIS has perfected a system of choosing properties that are in prime locations, that are prime income generators, while handling all aspects of managing the property for the customer.