guaranteedDuring the lease term, no matter what, REIS guarantees monthly rental payment to the Client (or Client’s Family).THREE PART PROCESS:
PART #1: The Purchase of the Rental Property
Once the client determines how much is to be protected for long-term care purposes, Real Estate Income Solutions, LLC (REIS) locates premium rental property(ies) for the Client, facilitates a tenant for the property and then guarantees a monthly rental income to the Client or Client’s family. The Client receives a Warranty Deed reflecting his/her ownership in the property.
PART #2: The Leasing of the Property
REIS Florida Enterprises, LLC leases the property from the Client. The Lease Agreement makes REIS Florida Enterprises, LLC solely responsible for all taxes, insurance, maintenance and other expenses associated with the property. REIS Florida Enterprises, LLC guarantees a monthly rental payment regardless of whether or not there is a subtenant. No matter what, during the lease term, REIS guarantees the monthly rental
payment to the Client (or Client’s Family).
PART #3: The Sale of the Property
Upon the Client’s passing, the rental property is transferred by deed to REIS Florida Holdings Group, LLC. Upon the end of the lease term, REIS Florida Holdings Group,LLC will sell the property and guarantees the return of the property’s original purchase price (less closing costs) to the Client’s Family. Read more on how the process works…
Income producing properties are exempt assets and are therefore protected assets according to the Florida Medicaid Asset Rules.