How It Works

Real Estate Income Solutions, LLC (REIS) Is A Facilitator For The Purchase, Lease And Sale Of Income Producing Property.
• Step 1: Client determines whether rental property is appropriate option to protect assets.
• Step 2: Client determines that Client does not want the hassle and problems of property management.
• Step 3: Client determines the amount to be utilized to purchase rental property.
• Step 4: Client signs “Agreement to Purchase, Lease and Sell Property.”
• Step 5: REIS finds suitable rental property for the Client.
• Step 6: The title company prepares all of the closing documents for the rental property.
• Step 7: The property is then rented from the Client with no expenses to the Client.
• Step 8: REIS supplies the necessary documentation for the Client’s Medicaid Application.
• Step 9: Upon the Client’s passing, the Client’s Family continues to receive the monthly rental payments.
• Step 10: Upon the end of the lease term, the Client’s Family receives the property’s original purchase price (less closing costs).
Income producing properties are exempt assets and are therefore protected assets according to the Florida Medicaid Asset Rules.